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Koller Culture


1. Commission

To enhance the quality of people’s life

2. Vision

For Staff:

A platform for learning.

A place to make dreams come true.

A home to get spiritual consolation.

For Shareholders:

The most significant investment paradise.

The long-term returns for capital appreciation

The most credible business partner.

For Clients:

The most reliable and honorable professional team.

The most authoritative and professional supplier for the global ice-making system solutions.

For Society:

A driver for the refrigeration industry.

A supporter for the public welfare.

A promoter for the harmonious society.

3. Enterprise spirit

Harmony, Integrity, Innovation, Gratitude


To serve our society, to achieve every client and Kollerman to success.

5.Competition Concept

Based on Specialized Knowledge, Pursuing Superiority.

6.Business Principle

To respect people & meet clients’ demands, To fulfill our social responsibility and create value by innovation guidance.

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