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Located in Guangzhou, a transportation well-developed metropolis in seaway, airway and land, Guangzhou Koller Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd is an integrated manufacturer, specialized in the research, design, manufacture and sale of refrigeration equipments. Koller has more than 30,000 square meters for the factory production space, more than 300 employees, including senior technical R & D team and professional sales team.

Since the establishment in 2004, Koller has always aimed at products’ quality and customers’ benefit, keep working on improving the performance and capacity of the machine, bringing in advanced refrigeration process equipment and testing equipment, adopting high-quality refrigeration accessories and electrical components, to make Koller’s products achieving high production, low-energy consumption and zero malfunction.

Our main products include: brine water ice block machine from 1 ton to 100 tons daily production, large edible ice cube machine, commercial ice maker, tube ice machine, plate ice machine, fresh water flake ice machine, sea water flake ice machine, direct cooling ice block machine, automatic conveying system, cold room, ice crusher machine, low temperature water chiller, automatic packing system, and other series of ice making equipments. These machines are widely used in ice plants, supermarkets, food preservation, aquatic products processing, vegetable and fruits fresh keeping, meat processing, chemical industry, mine cooling, pelagic fishery etc.

So far, Koller brand products have popularly sold in Europe,Australia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, South America andSouthPacificIslands. Koller has become a famous refrigeration enterprise inChina, and a famous brand name with international recognition and reputation.

Koller Culture


1. Commission

To enhance the quality of people’s life

2. Vision

For Staff:

A platform for learning.

A place to make dreams come true.

A home to get spiritual consolation.

For Shareholders:

The most significant investment paradise.

The long-term returns for capital appreciation

The most credible business partner.

For Clients:

The most reliable and honorable professional team.

The most authoritative and professional supplier for the global ice-making system solutions.

For Society:

A driver for the refrigeration industry.

A supporter for the public welfare.

A promoter for the harmonious society.

3. Enterprise spirit

Harmony, Integrity, Innovation, Gratitude


To serve our society, to achieve every client and Kollerman to success.

5.Competition Concept

Based on Specialized Knowledge, Pursuing Superiority.

6.Business Principle

To respect people & meet clients’ demands, To fulfill our social responsibility and create value by innovation guidance.

Company Environment

  • Koller Reception
    Koller Reception
  •  R&D Department
    R&D Department
  • Koller Office
    Koller Office
  • Koller Sales Team
    Koller Sales Team

Plant Environment

  • Company Gate
    Company Gate
  • Workshop Environment
    Workshop Environment
  • Raw Material Warehouse
    Raw Material Warehouse
  • Manufacturing Workshop
    Manufacturing Workshop
  • Testing Workshop
    Testing Workshop
  • Product Warehouse
    Product Warehouse
  • Cold Room Workshop
    Cold Room Workshop
  • Assembly workshop
    Assembly workshop

Production Equipment

  • Punching Machine
    Punching Machine
  • Bending Machine
    Bending Machine
  • Grinding Machine
    Grinding Machine
  • Laser cutting machine
    Laser cutting machine
  • Horizontal Lathe
    Horizontal Lathe
  • Welding Process Machine
    Welding Process Machine
  • Inspection Machine
    Inspection Machine
  • Welding Machine
    Welding Machine


Cooperation Partners

Our Customers

  • Customer from Peru
    Customer from Peru
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    Customer from The USA
  • Philippines and Sweden
    Philippines and Sweden
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    Customer from Angola
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    Customer from Kazakhstan
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    Customer from Congo
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    Customer from Nigeria
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    Customer from Malaysia
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    Customer from Yemen
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    Customer from Angola
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    Customer from Bangladesh
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    Customer from Malaysia
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    Customer from France
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    Customer from Poland
  • Customer from Korea
    Customer from Korea
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    Customer from China

Sales Network

Privacy Act

Guangzhou Koller Refrigeration and Equipment Co., Ltd. is engaged in (Guangzhou Koller Refrigeration and Equipment Co., Ltd. business). We attach the utmost importance to the security of customer and supplier information. This page sets forth our policies with respect to the protection of personal information.

1. Compliance with Laws and Other Regulations

We comply with all national laws and policies and other regulations relating to the protection of personal information.

2. Establishment and Continuous Enhancement of Personal Information Handling Guidelines

The need to protect personal information is thoroughly promulgated throughout the company, from directors down to the most junior employees. We maintain and follow guidelines for the proper protection and use of personal information. We also strive to improve these guidelines on a continuing basis.

3. Acquisition, Use and Release of Personal Information

We clearly define the uses to which personal information can be put. Within these constraints, we acquire, use and release personal information only with the consent of the individual concerned.

4. Secure Management

We strive to maintain secure management of personal information, and have established the necessary measures to prevent unauthorized data access, loss, destruction, alteration or leaking.

5. Disclosure and Correction

Requests for disclosure, editing or deletion of personal information shall be responded to on a case by case basis pending confirmation of the identity of the requestor.

*Please direct any queries concerning personal data to Guangzhou Koller Refrigeration and Equipment Co., Ltd. General Affairs Division.